Making an apartment home, affordable furnishings and more!

Welcome back to the life of a Glow Getter! If you’re looking for some inspiration to furnish your new place this post is for you. A little background on me, I moved from Huntington Beach, California to Las Vegas, Nevada about four months ago. My boyfriend Connor is in the US Air Force and isContinue reading “Making an apartment home, affordable furnishings and more!”

Long Distance Care Package Ideas — Military Girlfriend Newbie Tips

My biggest concerns going into this deployment were keeping my relationship strong, making time go by quickly, and figuring out WHAT THE HECK to send him. I thought I should write a post for other girlfriends/spouses out there who are new to the military life and might be a little intimidated by the whole thing.

Who is this chick?

Welcome to my life! So you’ve come across my blog… and you’re probably wondering what this page is all about. What makes this blog special? Why should I follow along? Who is this chick? Well this is my first EVER blog post, so bear with me as I try to explain the dynamics of thisContinue reading “Who is this chick?”