Making an apartment home, affordable furnishings and more!

Welcome back to the life of a Glow Getter! If you’re looking for some inspiration to furnish your new place this post is for you.

A little background on me, I moved from Huntington Beach, California to Las Vegas, Nevada about four months ago. My boyfriend Connor is in the US Air Force and is stationed here in Vegas so unfortunately moving out to California wasn’t an option for him. After graduating college in June I decided to take a leap an come out here!

I signed the lease for our apartment while Connor was deployed and I was still going to school and working in California. It was super difficult for me to scope out a good place from so far away. I basically drove out to Vegas for one day, quickly looked at a few places, and chose the best price/most convenient location. Let’s just say I absolutely hated my choice and actually cried when I got the keys.

Now that I live there, its really not that bad. But I was nervous about starting a whole new life and wanted everything to be perfect. I got disappointed when it wasn’t what I had been picturing the last 8 months. I was upset because our apartment wasn’t “insta-worthy” and I kind of gave up on creating content. Then I realized I was being pretty dumb. I have come to realize that one day we when we have our dream house we will probably look back at this time and miss the little things about it. So I am focusing on making it home, navigating how to live with a significant other, and how to make a rental apartment as “insta-worthy” as I can on a budget.


I have no idea what I would describe my decor style as. I think its like mid-century modern meets boho meets whatever the hell catches my eye. Here’s what I purchased:

Living Room

This couch is super affordable and the perfect size to fit our small apartment. My favorite thing is that the bottom part pulls out making a queen size bed. I thought it would be great for guests but I’ve probably ended up using the most because Connor is a bedhog and I enjoy watching TV completely sprawled out. I highly recommend it if it’s your first time living together lol.

Shop it here : Sleeper Sofa

I got these to put by the front door for keys and my purse. Under $20, gotta love Target.

Shop it here: Brass Hooks

I know everyone, their mom, and their sister has this mirror but I had to have it too. This is the cheapest price I found for this style!

Shop it here: Round Mirror

I was tempted to go with all white furniture but I think adding some wood makes the space more homey! This TV stand is under $200 and fits our 55″ TV perfectly.

Shop it here: TV Stand

I debated for a while if I was going to put any holes in the wall and I decided the apartment just looked too creepy without a little decor. I got this simple shelf and it totally fills up the empty space while still being simple!

Shop it here: Floating Shelf

This print was the perfect piece to add some California vibes to our home. I purchased it in the largest size and hung it in my dining area! I also got a frame in white from the same website.

Shop it here: VW Bus Print

This was my unnecessary fun purchase that was absolutely necessary. Its so fun to style bar carts and change it up with the seasons. Target came in clutch again.

Shop it here: Bar Cart

This piece is totally extra but I had to find a place for it. I got it in the smallest size with a gold frame and put it on our bar cart.

Shop it here: Champs Print

Square wine glasses are definitely cooler than round ones. I bought a set of four off Amazon (only three are still living but at least they weren’t horribly overpriced).

Shop it here: Wine Glasses

I definitely don’t drink whisky but I thought this would look pretty on the bar cart. Connor thought it was pretty cool too.

Shop it here: Whiskey Glasses

Got this fake plant off Amazon. Honestly its not very good quality up close but I feel like no one will notice… At least it won’t die on me.

Shop it here: Paradise Palm

I thought putting my plants on a stand was classier than the floor. So I bought this plant stand.

Shop it here: Plant Stand

Simple, pretty and homey print. I bought the smallest size with a gold frame. I currently have it sitting on a side table leaning against the wall. I might even move it to the white shelf, it can go anywhere!

Shop it here: Dried Bouquet


I will never forget when we unboxed this bed at 10 pm when Connor had just arrived home from the Middle East. We thought they forgot to send us the legs + frame… THEY PACKAGED THE FRAME INSIDE THE HEADBOARD..?? Since the moment we solved that mystery we’ve loved the purchase.

Shop it here: Gray Bed

Connor had a hard time putting these nightstands together and he describes them as “stupid”. But I think they are pretty cute and a decent deal! I switched out the silver knobs with gold ones I found at Target.

Shop it here: Nightstand

I fell in love with the little tassels on this bedding set! Our puppy Indie eats off at least one tassel a day but theres still a good amount left. We sized up to a King size even though we have a Queen and it fits perfectly.

Shop it here: Bedding Set

This mattress is a steal! I took a big leap ordering a cheap mattress offline and it is literally perfect. Not too hard or too soft. Connor and I are both amazed… it was only $200!!

Shop it here: BEST MATTRESS

Our walls are a puke beige color so I wanted to incorporate as much white as possible to brighten up our bedroom. This dresser from Ikea is a great size!

Shop it here: White Dresser

This lamp is probably my favorite item in the bedroom. I ordered a brighter, vintage looking bulb off amazon and I would highly recommend doing so! It’s our only light source in the room and it works great.

Shop it here: Globe Lamp

These are the basics we bought for our apartment! It is super simple but I love all the pieces and can’t wait to build off of it. I still want to get so many more plants, wall hangings, organizing items and so much more. If you have a favorite home item comment the link down below!

I hope this helps you make your new place a home. If you’re feeling a little anxious or disappointed about your move, try to stay positive! Change is always hard. Even after a month or three months of being somewhere you might still feel a little off. I always get really depressed when I move somewhere and I have learned that’s just part of the process. The thing that has helped me the most is diving right in to finding my new favorite places. Find a new nail salon, find a new hair stylist, try new lunch spots, go to a local yoga studio or gym! Don’t sit around missing your old favorites, go out and find your new go-to places. It takes time to adjust so be patient with yourself!

Stay glowing xx


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